If you aim to please everyone, you will please no-one.

Now, as much as we aim to exceed our guests’ expectations every time, that isn’t always possible. This could be our own fault (we’d love to have a lift), could be due to our service or product providers, could be the neighbours, could be the cobbled street, could be the firmness of the pillows, the water pressure in the taps, could be the rain….

Complaints are quick to follow.

If we receive the feedback while our guests are still in house, we always try to go the extra mile to make sure the issue raised is dealt with as best we can and our guests leave with a smile.

It’s a bit harder to deal with issues raised after the guests have left. We generally find out about these problems from online reviews.

It’s disappointing to find out about issues at a stage that we cannot do anything to resolve them, especially so when guests have been nothing but complimentary during their stay and only turn sour on the keyboard at home.

We are talking about the internet culture of keyboard warriors. The type of people who will post negative, exaggerated and misleading feedback in the pursuit to blackmail the business in exchange for full or partial refunds.

It’s disheartening to see that as a society we are losing the ability to interact with each other face-to-face but prefer to arm ourselves with the ‘power of social media’. It seems that social media has made us anti-social.

Author: 24 Royal Terrace

24 Royal Terrace is a luxury boutique hotel and bar on one of Edinburgh's most prestigious streets.

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