24RT 008 – The Art of…

Just when we thought we didn’t have any space for more art…..we made space!

Our art collection has grown with three additional pieces, which we trust you will enjoy as much as we do. Hopefully before long we will be welcoming you back to see them in person.

Peter Howson : Nijinsky

Peter Howson is a world class painter and nothing quite compares to un-packaging his striking and powerful ‘Nijinsky’; our fourth Howson in the collection. Quite aptly sized at six foot for delivering its message on a monumental scale the piece holds its own towering over the staircase of the first floor.

A genuinely exceptional and well documented example of Peter Howson’s work completed in 1991. Of Howson’s “Nijinsky” the art critic Peter Jenkins wrote “Nijinsky I see as an heroic figure: clumsy yet nimble, his macho prance is a dance of defiance; his leaden, booted feet may hold him down but his head is in the clouds, jaw jutting like a dancing bear, he is a noble beast made an object of derision. We may see something of the tragic predicament of the individual in the twilight of the gods”. Heller describes Howson’s “Nijinsky” as “vastly powerful”.

Stephen Conroy : “The wheel”

We are delighted to announce our first, but hopefully not the last, piece of art by Stephen Conroy.

In 1980s and 90s Britain, abstraction and conceptual art dominated the art world, virtually without exception. By the mid-80s, in the world-famous Glasgow School of Art, a movement in reaction began to stir. The key figures – Peter Howson, Ken Currie, Adrian Wiszniewski, Steven

Campbell, and later Stephen Conroy and Alison Watt – deliberately and decisively turned their focus towards the rejuvenation of a figurative-based practise. Critics, collectors and dealers soon sat up and took notice, and the artists swiftly became popular on an international stage; collectively becoming known as The New Glasgow Boys. Their ongoing influence on Scottish art and effect on the city of Glasgow itself cannot be overstated and Stephen was a major force in the movement that brought Scottish Art to the attention of the entire art world.

Stephen Conroy chose to explore the dramatic impact of isolation and incongruity within his own work. His carefully drawn, painterly figures are often placed against a jolt of flat pure colour in a context-less background. As well as tipping a subtle nod to Francis Bacon, the starkness of the contrast creates a sense of airlessness and intensity. A further esoteric layer is added by the oblique nature of his titles, typified here in The Wheel, 2002.

Displayed in rt’s bar alongside the works of Peter Howson, the other major New Glasgow Boy, Stephen Conroy’s ‘The Wheel’ adds another quirky angle (literally) to our collection.

Lorenzo Agius’: Ewan, Trainspotting

Tying in with the release of Trainspotting 2, which together with the original Trainspotting was shot in our beautiful city, we decided to acquire the iconic image summing up the movie and its place in time.

Most will recognise the famous black and white photographs from the promotional campaign in 1996; the very campaign that launched Ewan MacGregor’s career and that of photographer Lorenzo Agius’ – along with all the other members of the cast. This put Lorenzo at the forefront of photography in the age of Britpop and Cool Britannia. Our image of Ewan, a rare limited edition, has taken its place at our main door looking out over the city which the story so famously belongs to.

Only a year later, in 1997, Lorenzo’s photograph of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit defined Cool Britannia on a Vanity Fair front cover. It is the only time the magazine’s legendary cover has been shot by a photographer on their first shoot. Since then, he has regularly photographed A-listers from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Beyoncé, often capturing them in unexpected ways with his characteristic naturalness and quirky humour.

These pieces will not be the last additions to our unique collection…we do hope you will be able to visit soon to see them in person.

Author: 24 Royal Terrace

24 Royal Terrace is a luxury boutique hotel and bar on one of Edinburgh's most prestigious streets.

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