24RT 004 – “Life is a Bubble”

When we find something that is truly unique, we do tend to follow it all the way through…

We like being unique. We like having something unique. From our rooms, to our art collection, to our whisky menu – and now our new Prosecco adds to that list.

How did we discover it? Well, that’s all down to the owner, Alan Campbell – fully deserved props to him for discovering this number in a restaurant in Nice.

What did we do next? We got in touch directly with the vineyard, had many a conversation with Cinzia Canzian – winemaker – ordered a case to be flown over so we could all sample it to make sure it wasn’t just the sun, sand and sea of Nice that made it really stand out, got an expert opinion (thanks Tarquin) and the rest is history. Now, four weeks later, we’re stocked up on a remarkable Prosecco that you just cannot find anywhere in Scotland, let alone the rest of the UK.

And to celebrate the arrival of our specially sourced Prosecco, we’re offering you the chance to put your taste buds to the test every Thursday 5-10pm until the end of August. If you can correctly tell us which is our Alice Prosecco and which is our Bernard Figuet Champagne in a free blind tasting, you’ll receive a complimentary dessert from our evening menu – perfect to enjoy with a glass of your favourite of the two Proseccos.

What makes the Prosecco so special you ask? I think the vineyard can answer that one better than I can…

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Author: 24 Royal Terrace

24 Royal Terrace is a luxury boutique hotel and bar on one of Edinburgh's most prestigious streets.

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